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‘Stranded With a Million Dollars’ Recap, Episode 6: Til Sickness Do Us Part

8 hours 50 min ago
Cody and Makani want to actually win some money for spending 40 days out in the wilderness, those monsters.
Categories: Local News

Upgrade Your Next Flight With These 4 Luxe Accessories

8 hours 59 min ago
This is how to truly travel in style.
Categories: Local News

John Cho Appearing on ‘Difficult People’ Is the Only Good News of 2017

9 hours 1 min ago
There is a light in the darkness—a small but proud flicker, like Lady Liberty's torch guiding a small ship that crossed a big sea towards a nation of freedom in an alternative universe where a tacky misogynist isn't our president. That light is John Cho, and the fact that he'll be on Difficult People next season playing Billy's boyfriend (!) in a reoccurring role. Yes, Billy is finally getting his first real-life boyfriend and wow, nicely pulled.
Categories: Local News

Meet the Charitable Alternative to StubHub, Sharing Seats

9 hours 38 min ago
Nonprofit Sharing Seats has given over half a million dollars worth of sporting event tickets to sick and underprivileged families.
Categories: Local News

Staten Island Republican Urges Feds to Go Ahead and Yank Funding Over NYC’s Sanctuary City Policy

9 hours 43 min ago
"I think the federal government needs to do it to force their hand and I think that the mayor needs to comply," Nicole Malliotakis said.
Categories: Local News

Reporting Live From Samsung Unpacked—Here’s Everything Being Announced

9 hours 50 min ago
The company will likely address the exploding Galaxy Note 7 fiasco as well.
Categories: Local News

The ‘by CHLOE’ Split Is What Happens Brands Are Directed by Ego and Greed

10 hours 2 min ago
Logic doesn't govern business, and this is why alignment is important.
Categories: Local News

This Robot Which Burns Trump’s Tweets Is Lighting Twitter on Fire

10 hours 4 min ago
Burn Your Tweet promises to give Trump tweets "the attention they deserve" by lighting them on fire and tweeting a video of the burning.
Categories: Local News

NJ Politics Digest: See What Made Menendez Cry

10 hours 19 min ago
Menendez has an emotional reaction. Democratic infighting continues in gubernatorial.
Categories: Local News

Atlantic Freeholder Levels Shocking Racism Claim Against Fellow Democrat

10 hours 42 min ago
Whelan is alleged to have said: 'An African-American cannot win on the legislative ticket in District 2.'
Categories: Local News

‘The Americans’ Recap 5×04: Stan in the Place Where You Live

11 hours 9 min ago
I’m concerned about Renee, but you couldn’t ask for a finer demonstration of The Americans’ power to generate paranoia.
Categories: Local News

New Yorkers Still Don’t Want Andrew Cuomo for President, Poll Finds

11 hours 16 min ago
“Use the bully pulpit against President Donald Trump, governor, but stay out of Washington—that’s the mixed message that New Yorkers have for Gov. Andrew Cuomo.”
Categories: Local News

Which Penthouse Will Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Choose?

12 hours 22 min ago
There were three candidates in the running...
Categories: Local News

Breaking: DNC Cleans House in Effort to Push Bogus Party Unity

13 hours 8 min ago
Democrats committed to papering over deep divisions.
Categories: Local News

‘Confessions’ Is a Nightmarish Tale of Raw Ambition Gone Awry

13 hours 52 min ago
"Confessions" is a nightmarish tale of raw ambition gone awry.
Categories: Local News

Spring 2017’s Top 10 Unmissable Movies

13 hours 52 min ago
Contrary to popular belief, we here at Observer HQ know how to enjoy a good superhero movie—and we have no problem calling out a bad one. It's just that we consider them to be part of a well-balanced movie diet, one that also includes quieter, more introspective fare. Here is a 10-track mixtape that includes a little bit of everything on offer this spring and early summer from a sick podcaster to a galaxy in peril. Now, if we could just do something about this weather.
Categories: Local News

The Outdoor Industry Is the Environment’s Last Best Hope

13 hours 52 min ago
A trade show is using its purchasing power to change Utah's environmental policies.
Categories: Local News

With Dutch-Islamist ‘Denk’ Party, Immigrants Rebel Against Assimilation

13 hours 52 min ago
The radical party’s electoral success shows that government doesn’t change immigrants—immigrants change government.
Categories: Local News

Canyon Ranch Is Hosting a Total Wellness Weekend; Get a Broadway Body at Home

13 hours 53 min ago
Plus, a new wellness event promises to be 'Our Bodies, Ourselves' for the Instagram age:
Categories: Local News

PR Don’ts: 11 Ways to Annoy a Journalist

14 hours 7 min ago
These common faux pas will ensure that you’ll get cut from their story.
Categories: Local News

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