Jean Kim


Jean Kim is an experienced veteran of New York City politics. That background is the key to her success. Ms. Kim has experienced, and thus understands, the political world from the perspective of a campaigner, a union organizer, and a businessperson.

This unique blend of expertise means that she has extensive familiarity with the viewpoints of many different stakeholders. Her broad vision provides her with the ability to identify, and then communicate with all the different types of decision makers and interest groups one must win-over in order to be successful in the highly competitive world of New York City politics.

She has held high-ranking positions on and managed a number of successful political campaigns, helping to elect then NYS Assemblyman Barry Grodenchik, NYS Senator Diane Savino, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg in his reelection bid in 2005. She also played an instrumental role in the election of two political Asian pioneers; the first Asian New York City Councilman John Liu in 2001 and the first Asian female New York State Supreme Court Justice, Judge Doris Ling-Cohan in 2002. She continues to be deeply involved in the local Asian community. She orchestrated several victorious issues campaigns as a citywide Immigrants Rights Coordinator for the New York City Central Labor Council. In this capacity, she organized local communities to advocate for federal comprehensive immigration reform and protecting workers’ rights.

As a Government Relations Specialist with TLM Associates she has put her diverse skill-set to use in order to focus the relevant decision makers on issues of concern to our clients. Ms. Kim has established strong relationships with a variety of influential New York City political figures. Ms. Kim knows how to navigate the complicated political world of New York City by doing the necessary footwork, gathering the intelligence, and delivering the results our clients expect and deserve.

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